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EVENTS 2016-2020



Join us as Dr. Jonathan Dennis discusses how humans can now edit the genetic code of any living organism. But will we use these powers for good? Come learn about CRISPR/Cas9, discuss its potential, and explore the ethics surrounding its use from designer babies to curing cancer.

About Our Presenter

Dr. Jonathan Dennis is the Pfeiffer Endowed Professor for Cancer Research in the Biological Sciences Dept at FSU. A leader in his field, he offered the first ever undergraduate CRISPR course in the country when the technology was still brand new. Whether he is presenting to top experts at the Mayo Clinic or to the general community, his down to earth descriptions and hands on demonstrations make science accessible and meaningful.



Advances in technology are allowing people to live longer and more productive lives. Still, our aging adult population faces a number of serious challenges of which loneliness and social isolation are among the most widespread and serious. In this unique and poignant Moonshot Night event, Dr. Neil Charness will explore challenges related to successful longevity and the innovations and technologies being developed to address them. You will learn about and experience a new technology named PRISM (Personalized Reminder Information and Social Management) that Neil and his team have developed to confront loneliness and social isolation in aging adults. You will also learn about a wide variety of services dedicated to successful longevity in Tallahassee.

TOM MIKOTA, SEP 20, 2018 -


While some people fear how artificial intelligence might make their jobs redundant, we're leaning in and asking how to use the tool to be more productive. We're bringing one of the creative minds behind the blockbuster, Avatar, to discuss how A.I. can help creative people accomplish more with less. Our discussion leader, Tom Mikota, is a VR expert and professor at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts. He will share information about his proprietary strategies for making movie productions more efficient and how those same strategies can work in other industries.

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