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Immersive Entertainment



Our First Moonshot Night! Moonshot Beta! Moonshot Night is a gathering of the curious and creative designed to inform, inspire and nurture a community that innovates the future.

Chief Creative Officer of internationally renowned digital effects company, Pulse Evolution, and Dean of the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts, presented never before seen technology of DIGITAL HUMANS. Fresh back from serving as keynote speaker at the “Zurich International Conference” , Frank shared his vision for how digital humans will change the face of the future. He also showcased Virtual Reality technology and discuss its impact in filmmaking and beyond.

Frank has since gone on to become President of Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

Audiences will get to experience the latest in VR technology, as Ken Baldauf, Director of Interdisciplinary Computing at FSU, will host a demo of the HTC Vive.


Featured local organization: Challenger Learning Center


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